Thursday, January 6, 2011

Will Science Be the Big Loser in New Congressional Budget Cuts?

Nature News online recently published an article on the possible effects on science and research-based funding of a Republican-led House of Representatives entitled "US Science Faces Big Chill." Despite some bright spots (i.e. increasing funding for the National Science Foundation), it looks as though science and technology researchers and agencies in general will be fighting an uphill and potentially losing battle against House committees and sub-committees chaired by skeptical fundamentalists who are unwilling to fund research that could, or already does, fly in the face of their religious beliefs.

Of course, as the article points out, this is not completely new. What would be new and more valuable, in this godless heathen's humble opinion, is if Congress would cut out funding to "Faith-based initiatives" first, and start taxing churches and other religious organizations, just like other businesses next, rather than reducing funding for useful, real-world improving, scientific research.

To view the original article, click the link here.

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